Geeky Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for some good geek-friendly gifts, I have a couple kits available. My Blinkybug book/kit is available at Amazon. It has all the parts for making simple little blinking electronic insects, with easy-to-follow comic book-style instructions. It’s a great parent-kid project. Here’s a review on BoingBoing.

(Book cover photos by Lenore M. Edman,

Here’s a look at the inside, amazingly illustrated by Alexander Tarrant:

Blinkybugs sense movement, wind and vibration through there antennae, which causes their eyes to blink. It’s a very simple design using a coin-cell battery, a couple LEDs, and antennae made from guitar string, yet they have a strangely life-like quality. They’ve been a huge hit at the Maker Faire, and they’re a great way to teach kids basic ideas about electricity. Here’s one of the bugs:

Also there’s my LED Art Kit, available through MakerShed. Make your own groovy light-art with this simple kit (originally created as an Instructable):

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2 Responses to Geeky Gift Ideas

  1. Paul Andrews says:

    When’s the kit comin o the Uk?

  2. Ken says:


    Which kit? Looks like you can find sellers of the Blinkybug kit through

    It does have distribution in the UK so you should call around to your local bookstores. It gets carried in some arts/craft supply stores here in the US so you could try that as well.

    Regarding the LED Art Kit, MakerShed ships to the UK (although I just noticed in their order form that you have to select the specific country: England, Scotland, Wales, etc., which threw me off at first).

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