I’m a musician, programmer, artist, and tinkerer living in San Francisco.

A while back, I came up with the design for the Blinkybug: a small, electric “insect,” constructed from a few simple parts, which responds to its environment by blinking its LED eyes. This geeky art project evolved into a small business selling kits at events like the Maker Faire, and most recently has taken the form of a combination book and kit. You can read more about the evolution of Blinkybugs in my post on the Chronicle Books blog.

In the last few years I’ve become involved in time-lapse photography.  I’m particuarly interested in projects that span long periods of time, as well as designing unique presentations for the captured imagery. My project “A History of the Sky” is a year-long time-lapse visualization of the sky, weather and patterns of daylight.  More recent projects include experimentation with stereoscopic and panoramic time-lapse photography.  I’m currently in the process of shooting a multi-year time-lapse of the construction of the new Exploratorium location at Pier 15 in San Francisco.

I’ve written how-to articles for Popular Science and Make magazine, on topics such as converting an antique radio to an amplifier for your iPod, and building your own time-lapse rig. Recently, I’ve been working on Radio Shack’s Great Create campaign, creating print ads as well as hosting online videos.

I play guitar, have been in a few bands over the years, and have spent time composing and recording in my home studio.  I’m interested in electronic music and tools such as MAX/MSP.

My CV is available here.