Recent Events: Create:Fixate and MAPP

I recently showed some of my time-lapse pieces (A History the Sky and two panoramic time-lapses) at a couple events.  A few weeks ago I drove down to L.A. for Create:Fixate, a one-night show of art and music.  They were nice enough to build me this nice double-wide projection screen for my dual-projector setup (pro tip: silver spandex stretched over a wooden frame makes a great projection surface):






And this past weekend, I showed the same pieces, slightly scaled down (just a single projector) at a MAPP event (Mission Arts and Performance Project) at Area 2881, along with Carl Pisaturo and Dave Johnson. It was a great turnout.

MAPP 8/6/11

Carl’s Orrery:

MAPP 8/6/11

Dave Johnson (out of frame) demonstrating his amazing wooden automata:

MAPP 8/6/11

And here’s a long-ish time-lapse of the entire evening, which Carl shot on his DSLR, and I compiled into a movie:

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  1. Charlotte says:

    I love the look of your frame-less white projection screen in the beginning of this post. Do you think the same concept- stretched fabric over a wood frame- would work on a larger scale? 9’x20′?

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