Takesplit: Tool for Grouping Time-lapse “Takes”

I whipped up this little command-line tool for automatically grouping a bunch of image files into individual time-lapse sequences.

This came up after a shoot where I shot a bunch of sequences on the same card. The process of manually finding the individual takes in the big undifferentiated set of images from the card was fairly tedious, and it occurred to me that this could probably be automated  by looking at the intervals between the shots. So I created this Perl script that seems to do a pretty good job. You run it like so:

takesplit.pl -i /Volumes/CARD1 -o ~/Photos/2014-01-05-TLShoot > ~/Photos/2014-01-05-TLShoot/summary.txt

It copies the files to a set of directories, one for each take, and outputs a summary. More info on its github page.

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