“A History of the Sky” in Architectural Exhibit in Murcia, Spain

I was recently contacted by the Martin Lejarraga architectural studio, asking if they could include video from “A History of the Sky” in an exhibition about public space and architecture in Murcia, Spain. The results are quite nice and can be seen here. Note that this is the first time “A History of the Sky” has been presented in conjunction with a bouncy castle!

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Hackerspace Challenge

Another project I’ve been working on with Popular Mechanics and Radio Shack has been organizing a hacking competing between two hackerspaces. One space is on the East Coast (Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville, MA), and the other is on the West (Ace Monster Toys in Oakland).

Both teams had 30 days to build something out of Radio Shack parts, and they both did an amazing job. Ace Monster toys build an artfully deigned laser shooting gallery, and Artisan’s Asylum built an impressively large laser harp. Video interviews with both teams are on the online voting page, which just went live.

A big print piece (viewable here in PDF form) about the challenge featuring both teams’ projects will be in the August issue of Popular Mechanics, which will be on newsstands any day. This should definitely give some nice visibility for the hackerspace movement!

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Another Video for Radio Shack: DIY Time-Lapse

Here’s another in the series of Radio Shack DIY videos I’ve been working on. This one is about building your own intervalometer (a device that controls the shutter of a camera for shooting time-lapse).

Update: The full build instructions are available on the intervalometer project page on the Radio Shack DIY web site.

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My Home Workshop

Here’s an article Gizmodo posted about my tiny home workshop-in-a-pantry.

My home workshop

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The Biowall

A couple of my time-lapse pieces are playing on The BioWall, an outdoor public space art and education video installation featuring non-commercial, life sciences, artistic and educational programming, located in Silver Spring, Maryland (on Cameron St. near Spring St.).

SF Pier 14 Time-Lapse on The Biowall

The movie shown here is a panoramic time-lapse video I shot at Pier 14 in San Francisco:

More about my pan-lapse movies here and here.

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Vote for “A History of the Sky” for the Vimeo Festival + Awards

Update: Voting has ended so the voting links no longer work. Thanks to all those who voted!

My time-lapse project, A History of the Sky, has been shortlisted in the “experimental” category of the 2012 Vimeo Festival and Awards. If you want to help out, please vote for my video! In fact, they allow people to vote once per day through 4/30, so vote often!

My video (viewed best at full screen):

About the Vimeo Awards:

The 2010 festival, hosted by Ze Frank:

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Arduino Intervalometer

Update: The full build instructions are available on the intervalometer project page on the Radio Shack DIY web site.

I recently built this Arduino-based camera remote/intervalometer:

It uses a really simple interface: you dial in the speed you want, referring to the blinking LEDs, and switch it into “go!” mode when you want it to start taking pictures. Here it is in action:

The innards:

This is another project I created for a series of print and video how-to “advertorials” I’m working on for Popular Mechanics and Radio Shack. There will be more detailed info on how to build your own when it goes to print (along with a video and detailed build instructions online).

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Ninja from Die Antwoord at FIFTY24SF

Time-lapse shoot of Ninja painting the walls of Upper Playground’s FIFTY24SF gallery. The video will end up here.

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Pan-Lapse Projections for Open Make at the Exploratorium, this Saturday

The Exploratorium has a great series of events they put on in collaboration with Make Magazine and Pixar. They’re having another this Saturday from 10AM to 2PM, and the theme is time. I’ll have my multi-projector setup showing some of my Panoramic Time-Lapse pieces in the museum’s Tinkering Studio. (And they’ll continue to be on display for some time after the event.)

There will be a great lineup, including my friends the Evil Mad Scientists showing off some of their inventive clock projects, the retro-futurists Five Ton Crane, and lots of other great makers.

Here’s a post on Make Magazine’s blog about one of the earlier Open Makes I participated in.

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Some Press

I got a bit of coverage for some of my time-lapse projects lately. The Atlantic, KQED’s Climate Watch, and The Bay Citizen did write-ups on my History of the Sky project, and I did a phone interview with Discovery.com, which they included in this video about the project:

Also, Wired featured one of my panoramic time-lapse movies in an online video gallery.

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