“Atari Punk” Radio Shack Ad

The October issue of Popular Mechanics just hit the stands, with the next in the series of Radio Shack ads I’ve been working on:

Radio Shack Atari Punk Ad

This one describes how to build an “Atari Punk Console”—a simple DIY analog synthesizer.

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6 Responses to “Atari Punk” Radio Shack Ad

  1. Yeah, Ken! That’s Bigtime!

    I like that Radio Shack is embracing the Maker community. I’m excited that they’ll be carrying the SparkFun modules for easier robots/projects, and Arduinos too. Power to the Makers!


  2. Ken says:

    Thanks Matthew! And yes, it’s great that they’re getting back into that world.

    • Kent Woodley says:

      Loved the bit you did on the Atari Punk Console (Pop Mech Oct 2011).
      Reminded me of a DIY synth. I built in ’78 (based on a TI{ SN1976?} ).
      16 pin IC no longer made. I frightened my parents and neighbors with
      that little box… my garage band buddies thought it was “Awesome”.

      Bought all the parts I didn’t already have for APC at Radio Shack. RS
      still has a lot of electronic parts in drawers-many no longer on J hooks.

      Ken, thanks for suggesting -solderless breadboard-+-20awg jumper
      wire. Even engineers have told me “that’s the best way to test an
      electronic circuit” Everyone interested should use them.

      Can’t wait to get this APC Rockin’ ! Always Remember! Safety First!

      Thank you Ken and Forrest Mimms III

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  4. Exactly how long did it acquire u to compose “

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