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Geeky Gift Ideas

If you’re still looking for some good geek-friendly gifts, I have a couple kits available. My Blinkybug book/kit is available at Amazon. It has all the parts for making simple little blinking electronic insects, with easy-to-follow comic book-style instructions. It’s … Continue reading

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Ocean Beach

Long exposure at Ocean Beach.

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Camera Filter Adapter Hack

I was about to shoot a time-lapse today and realized that I forgot the filter adapter for my G12. I did, however, have a coffee cup and some gaffers tape…

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On KQED’s MindShift: Slowing Down Time With Time-Lapse Photography

I wrote this post for the KQED MindShift blog about time-lapse photography. It gives a brief overview of the technique, and some resources for getting started: Time-lapse is a photographic technique that allows us to tune into events that normally … Continue reading

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More Panoramic Time-Lapse Movies

I’ve created some new pan-lapse movies since I first posted about them. Most recently I shot one down at Pier 14 (best in full-screen/HD):

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A History of the Sky for One Year

Here’s a full year (almost*) version of my History of the Sky project: Originally I only intended to show the full-year version nice and big as a projected installation, but I think it works well as an online video. However … Continue reading

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Videos for Radio Shack and Popular Mechanics

My friend Meredith and I hosted these online videos for Radio Shack and Popular Mechanics. Each one features a different DIY project:

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Creating a Multi-Year Time-Lapse of the New Exploratorium

The Exploratorium has hired me to create a multi-year series of time-lapse movies as they prepare their future home at Pier 15. This involved setting up another custom shooting rig, similar to the one I used for my History of … Continue reading

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“Atari Punk” Radio Shack Ad

The October issue of Popular Mechanics just hit the stands, with the next in the series of Radio Shack ads I’ve been working on: This one describes how to build an “Atari Punk Console”—a simple DIY analog synthesizer. See also: … Continue reading

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Hyper-3D Time-Lapse

A friend sent me a link to today’s xkcd, which inspired me to post about a project I’ve been working on off and on over the last year or so. The comic describes the use of 2 cameras placed at … Continue reading

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